About the Conference

What constitutes the concert experience? Why are people motivated to attend concerts? What do they expect and what do they experience there Is there a specific audience or can it be differentiated? How can concert goer and listener types be defined empirically? Are there effects of various concert formats, such as moderated concerts, specific concert design etc. on the audience? And what might the classical concert of the future look alike? And which role might digital and hybrid concert formats play? Do physiological audience responses, or analyses of their synchrony bring forward meaningful insights when it comes to the concert experience?

These are some of the key questions addressed by the interdisciplinary symposium “The Future of the Classical Concert” at lake Constance, Germany.

Scholars from all disciplines as well as concert organizers are invited to address these questions analytically as well as practically. The conference addresses in particular cultural studies scholars, psychologists, musicologists, sociologists, and concert organizers. Empirical and theory-based, current, and historical reflections as well as contributions from artistic practice that address the research questions will be welcomed.

If you have any questions, please contact us via mail: info@future-of-the-concert.org